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Regensburg... ...Germany’s medieval Miracle.

Sightseeing Tour Germany Regensburg

The ancient medieval city of Regensburg lies on the banks of the River Danube. It is a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site with over 1,200 historical buildings spanning a period of almost 2,000 years!

As you stroll through the narrow cobble stoned streets you enter the Middle Ages where the wealthy noblemen built touring residences in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. Take a step further and and slip back to Roman times as you gaze at the 179 AD gateway of Fort Regina.

Around the corner is the magnificent St.Peters cathedral founded in 1275. A little further, the Rathaus, which played host to the Reichstag of the Holy Roman Empire. From here Charlemagne passed laws, directed wars and administered the vast Empire.

Old Stone Bridge Regensburg

Take a boat trip down the river Danube – the heart of this delightful city. Walk across the charming 13th century Old Stone Bridge to lunch in the riverside beer garden. Explore the quaint old alley ways as you enjoy shopping; or visit the ghosts of the 8th century St Emmerams church

  • The ancient Roman gateway of Castra Regina 179AD
  • The magnificent Gothic cathedral of St.Peter 1275AD
  • The Reichstag – one of the sites from where Charlemagne ruled over the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The Old Stone Bridge built in the 13th century.
  • The famous Regensburg Sausage Kitchen from 1150AD

After your two hour guided tour of the city you will have three-four hours free time to explore Regensburg before returning to Munich.

Tour Times:

02. Jun – 04. Oct
Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:00 am


approx. 9 hours


Adults €44
Students €42
Children (6 – 13yrs) €25

Price with a Eurorail Pass
Adults €34
Students €32

Meeting Point:

Inside the Central Railway Station / Hauptbahnhof, at the Bahnhofsplatz entrance (next to the flower shop & Le Crobag Café).

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